Dig reveals history at Carson Mounds

“ A lot of people don’t realize these amazing sites are basically in their backyard. They think you have to go to Egypt or all these exotic places, but this is just as interesting here.”Bryan Haley, University of Mississippi

Surrounded by soybean fields and modern farm machinery, the Carson Mounds in western Coahoma County may not appear to the casual observer as the most exotic or promising spot for an archaeological excavation.

But for anthropology professor Jay Johnson and his team of students, currently in the midst of a month-long field study near the Indian mounds, there are more than enough mysteries waiting to be uncovered beneath the dirt.

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Gary C. Daniels

Gary C. Daniels is an award-winning, Emmy-nominated television, video and multimedia writer and producer. He has a passion for history, archaeology, and astronomy. He is the founder and publisher of LostWorlds.org.