Tulum’s Mayan Lighthouse

The Putun/Poton Maya were Central America’s most advanced mariners. They controlled coastal trade around the entire Yucatan peninsula down to modern-day Panama. One of their important ports was at Tulum in the Yucatan but this port had one major problem: there was only one small opening in the coral reef that lay just offshore. Michael […]

Mayan Super Highways?

Ancient Maya developed super highways network more than 1,000 years ago   Roads of more than 240 kilometers long designed, traced and built by the ancient Maya have been discovered in Guatemala, near the border with Mexico. El Mirador is a late Maya preclassic city, located in Guatemala, in the heart of the Petén jungle, and […]

Latin American Collections Now Available in Digital Repository

AUSTIN, Texas — More than 500,000 books from the stacks of the Benson Latin American Collection, a trove of treasures related to Latin America, have been digitized and are now accessible online. The project is an extension of the University of Texas Libraries partnership with Google to digitize books and other literature to create a […]

Canadian teen wins awards, scholarship for ‘lost Mayan city’ research

William Gadoury, the Canadian teen whose “lost Mayan city” research ignited the Internet last week, has won the gold medal in the intermediate category of the Excellence Award from the Canada Wide Science Fair in Montreal on Friday. Gadoury’s project, called Discovery From Space, argued that the Maya situated their cities in patterns based on constellations in the night sky. […]

“Academic mafia” attempt hit on teen’s lost Mayan city research. Here’s why.

What the recent public smack down of Canadian teen’s lost Mayan city theory reveals about modern academia. What started earlier this week as a light-hearted human interest story in a Canadian French-language newspaper about Quebecker teen William Gadoury’s middle school science fair project transformed days later into a worldwide controversy when Mayanist scholars attempted to […]

Canadian Space Agency defends teen’s lost Mayan city research

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has come to the defense of William Gadoury, the Canadian teen who found a possible lost Mayan city in the jungles of Mexico using star maps. The announcement was immediately attacked by Mayan researchers and academics and deemed a fraud. The academics claimed the satellite photo included with the original news story […]

Geologist defends teen’s discovery of Mayan lost city against critics

  Prominent Mayan academics were quick to dismiss news reports that Canadian teenager William Gadoury had discovered a lost Mayan city the experts had somehow overlooked. These academics claimed satellite photos accompanying the article showed an abandoned corn field not a city. Yet geologist Armand LaRocque who is working with Gadoury says the critics are barking up the wrong […]

Teen discovers lost Mayan city using star map

  William Gadoury, a 15 year old Mayan enthusiast from Quebec, recently located a lost Mayan city deep in the jungles of Belize utilizing an ingenious technique. By overlaying a star map of important Mayan constellations overtop a map of important Mayan cities, he found the two maps lined up. Mayan cities appear to have been situated according to […]

Review: Palenque- Eternal City of the Maya

There is no better, more thorough history of the Mayan site of Palenque than George and David Stuart’s Palenque: Eternal City of the Maya. The Stuart’s, both experts on the Maya in general and the site of Palenque in particular, manage to condense their expansive knowledge of the site into a relatively brief 243 pages […]

Mysterious Golden Spheres Found in Tunnel Beneath Mexican Pyramid

The massive pre-Columbian site of Teotihuacan just outside of Mexico City still has many mysteries. Reaching its height around 200 AD after the completion of two enormous pyramids, archaeologists still know very little about who built this place or why. As mysterious as the pyramids is the fact that they were constructed over enormous underground […]

Contractor Bulldozes Mayan Temple

Over the past 100 years countless archaeological sites have been destroyed to provide road fill for America’s growing transportation network. Sadly, this tradition appears to be alive and well in Belize where a contractor recently bulldozed a Mayan temple at a site known as Noh Mul (“Big Hill”) in order to provide fill for a […]

Maya architecture not borrowed from Olmecs

The standard story of the origins of Maya civilizations has them evolving from the “mother culture” of Mesoamerica, the Olmecs. Yet the latest research shows that this may not be the case and the Maya likely originated their own ideas about how to construct a city.

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