Perdido Bay Tribe Heritage Museum

The Perdido Bay Tribe Cultural Heritage Museum bills itself as, “A place of warmth and beauty. A place for learning and sharing. A place of welcoming. A place to exhibit the art of our heritage.” Includes a mobile museum called the Bear Museum which “Perdido Bay Tribe volunteers make available to schools, libraries, community centers, […]

Miccosukee Indian Village

Just 30 minutes west of the Florida Turnpike, in the heart of the beautiful Florida Everglades, is the Miccosukee Indian Village. It provides valuable insight into the rich culture, lifestyle and history of the Tribe. Observe Miccosukee Indians as they engage in the art of woodwork, beadwork, patchwork, basket weaving and doll making. View historical […]

Amelia Island Museum of History

The Museum offers a variety of exciting exhibits relating to Nassau County Native American history! The permanent exhibits include “Timucuan Village,” an exhibit and mural that looks at the area’s first residents and “Spanish Missions of La Florida,” featuring artifacts and stories relating to the Spanish Mission Period of Nassau County’s history. Internal Links: Lost Worlds […]

Brevard Museum of History and Science

Brevard Museum of History and Science features a special exhibit entitled  Florida’s Native American Indians- Past and Present. This special exhibit explores the lives of Florida’s Native American Indian’s – Past & Present. See replicas of the homes of the native Ais, Seminole and other Indian inhabitants of Florida. A shell mound and native habitat illustrates […]

Ancient Native Living History Museum

Ancient Native Living History Museum has re-created the pre-Columbian native village of Uzita, based on research of historical documentation (recorded by early Spanish and French explorers and missionaries) as well as on careful analysis of archaeological evidence. The Ancient Native Village serves as a classroom for preserving the knowledge of ancient skills and traditions, and […]

Miami Circle

In August, 1998, excavations exposed an archaeological treasure consisting of a circle of holes chiseled into the limestone bedrock. Also found were pottery shards, stone axe heads, and other artifacts. The site was to be a parking garage for a $126 million high-rise luxury condo complex, Brikell Pointe, located where the Miami River joins Biscayne […]

Ah-tah-thi-ki Museum

The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum includes a 5,000 square foot exhibit hall that consists of artifacts and cultural displays unique to the Florida Seminole. The exhibits depict the lives of the Seminoles in south Florida during the late 1800s. Hunting, cooking, travel, marriage, folklore and spiritual beliefs are portrayed. The museum features rare Seminole artifacts on loan […]

The Mound House

Overlooking the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve, the Fort Myers Beach Cultural and Environmental Learning Center occupies a 3 acre Calusa Indian shell mound complex of national archaeological significance. The historic building housing the museum and cultural center is the oldest residential structure on Estero Island. Known locally as “The Mound House,” the building served as […]

Mound Key Archaeological State Park

Mound Key Archaeological State Park is an archaeological island managed directly by Koreshan State Historic Site. This 125-acre island is located in the Estero Bay, and was created over 2,000 years ago by the indigenous tribe known as the Calusa, or “fierce people”. Acquisition of Mound Key by the State, began in 1961. Of the […]

Museum of the Islands

Field notes written by archaeologist Frank Cushing, who explored the western side of Pine Island in 1895, formed the basis for the museum’s large wall mural depicting a Calusa village. Cushing made outstanding discoveries of Calusa art, copies of some of which are on display along with authentic artifacts, pottery, shell tools and other materials […]

Randall Research Center

The Randell Research Center (RRC) is a research and education program operated by the Florida Museum of Natural History at the Pineland Site Complex, Lee County, Florida. The RRC is a logical extension of the Museum’s Southwest Florida Project and “Year of the Indian” archaeology/education project. The RRC has existed since 1996 when the Randell […]

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