Museum of Florida History

The Museum of Florida History collects, preserves, exhibits, and interprets evidence of past and present cultures in Florida, and promotes knowledge and appreciation of this heritage. As the state history museum, it focuses on artifacts and eras unique to Florida’s development and on roles that Floridians have played in national and global events. Through exhibits, […]

Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Lake Jackson mounds is one of the most important archaeological sites in Florida. It was probably the political and religious center for Native Americans in the area 500-800 years ago. The Lake Jackson Mounds have yielded some of the most significant artifacts in the state. It is believed the people of Lake Jackson traded with the […]

Letchworth-Love Mounds State Park

This 80-acre park includes one of the tallest and most architecturally complex pre-Columbian earthen mounds in Florida. Archaeological research indicates that Letchworth is one of the oldest mound complexes in the Southeast, dating to the Late Swift Creek and Early Weeden Island periods (ca. A.D. 200-900); Letchworth Mounds significantly predates the nearby Lake Jackson Mounds […]

Mission de Nombre de Dios

The Mission of Nombre de Dios traces its origins to the founding of the City of St. Augustine, America’s oldest City, in 1565. On September 8, 1565 Pedro Menendez de Aviles landed and proclaimed this site for Spain and the Church. It was here that Menendez knelt to kiss a wooden cross presented to him by […]

Jacksonville Museum of Science & History

Take a trip through 12,000 years of Jacksonville history in Florida’s most extensive exhibition of regional history.Come face-to-face with the ancient Timucua Indians. The museum features models of local Indian mounds as well as life-size models of Timucua Indians showing how they dressed and decorated themselves. Also includes exhibits detailing the Spanish Mission period.   […]

Fort Caroline

Fort Caroline National Memorial was created to memorialize the Sixteenth Century French effort to establish a permanent colony in Florida. After initial exploration in 1562, the French established “la Caroline” in June 1564. One of the members of this expedition was an artist named Jacques LeMoyne. He drew the first known pictures of Southeastern Indians and their […]

Florida Museum of Natural History

Our story of Florida’s history begins long ago, when the bountiful environments of South Florida’s estuaries gave rise to a complex and powerful society – the Calusa Indians. Based on new research in archaeology, oral history and ethnohistory, South Florida: People and Environments will inform the visitor about Florida’s precolumbian past, the Indians of today and the […]

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