Turtle Mound (1200 AD)

Dating back to 1200 AD (The Mississippian Period), this mound is the tallest in Florida and the third tallest in North America. Turtle Mound is one of the most significant geographical sites on the east coast of the U.S. Historians estimate that it comprises 33,000 cubic yards of oyster shells, extends 600 feet along the […]

Mound Key (1500 AD)

One of the most impressive accomplishments from the Mississippian time period was the construction of Mound Key, a manmade island dating back to 1500 AD built up over a thousand years from discarded shells. It featured a central canal, water-courts, and truncated pyramid shell mounds. Surrounded by forests of mangrove trees, the shell mounds and […]

Big Mound City

Big Mound City is an exceptionally sophisticated geometric earthwork located about 6 miles east of Lake Okeechobe. The complex possibly served to raise building foundations above the surrounding ground plain which flooded six months of the year. The mounds and causeways in the site are constructed from yellow and white sand. The large semicircular embankment […]

Terra Ceia & Madira Bickel Mounds (1450 AD)

Dating back to 1450 AD, the 10-acre site that encompasses Madira Bickel Mound was named after Mrs. Madira Bickel of Sarasota, who joined her husband Karl, in preserving Native American mounds from destruction. In 1948, the mound was purchased by the Bickels and donated, along with the surrounding land, to the state. The mound itself was the first site in Florida […]

Ancient Civilizations of Florida | Conclusion

The state of Florida has seen monumental construction projects for over 4,000 years. Beginning with the shell rings of Sapelo Island and ending with the Great Temple Mound at Etowah, the native peoples of Georgia were an industrious people with many great accomplishments (including the first known pottery in North America). The remarkable achievements of […]

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