The Mound House

Overlooking the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve, the Fort Myers Beach Cultural and Environmental Learning Center occupies a 3 acre Calusa Indian shell mound complex of national archaeological significance. The historic building housing the museum and cultural center is the oldest residential structure on Estero Island. Known locally as “The Mound House,” the building served as the post office for Estero Island residents and fisherfolk from the surrounding bay.

According to Florida Museum of Natural History scholars, the shell mounds that make up the archaeological site are remarkably well preserved. Its large size combined with its uncommon location on a barrier island make it one of only a handful of Calusa Indian village sites known to occur on barrier islands in southwest Florida. In addition, the site’s proximity to Mound Key (the major Calusa Indian ceremonial center) suggests a political association between residents of the two villages.

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