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Public Indian Sites of Georgia

Discovering Stone Mountain Museum


In Stone Mountain Park's Memorial Hall, you'll find the Discovering Stone Mountain Museum, where visitors can enjoy a great view of the carving and an intriguing chronological journey from Stone Mountain's past to its present including information about the Native Americans who once occupied this area.

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The Native Americans are associated with two of Stone Mountain's historical curiosities. The first, named "Devil's Crossroads," was a flat boulder roughly 200 feet across and 5 to 10 feet thick. It was cleft by two straight cracks about four feet wide, one running north-south and the other running east-west. The cracks joined at right angles in the center of the boulder and the juncture was capped by another flat rock 20 feet in diameter. The second curiosity was a wall, made of loose fragmentary stone, that encircled the top of the mountain.

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The Park also hosts an annual PowWow and Indian Festival.
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