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This groundbreaking video takes you back through 4,000 years of Georgia history & archaeology on a tour through the state’s most important Native American historic sites. See stunning 3D computer reconstructions and never-before-seen digital video footage of Georgia’s earliest Native American cities, towns, and villages such as:

  • The Sapelo Shell Ring complex- this village’s circular walls were constructed from tons of seashells and is older than the pyramids in Egypt. The villagers also created some of the earliest pottery ever discovered in North America (yes, older than even Mexico’s earliest pottery!)
  • Kolomoki Indian Mounds complex- this Native American town featured a seven story earthen pyramid whose base is larger than a football field! It was once completely covered in white clay giving it a truly awe-inspiring appearance. This city was the most populous Native American city north of Mexico around 500 AD
  • Ocmulgee Indian Mounds complex- this large riverside community featured an earthen pyramid that rose over 11 stories high from the flood plain of the Ocmulgee River. The city also included a large, round, earth-covered council house with 50 seats lining the walls where Indian leaders sat discussing important trade and political issues around 900 AD
  • Etowah Indian Mounds complex- this magnificent Indian city featured three large earthen pyramids, the greatest rising over 8 stories tall. Great temples were built on top of these earthen pyramids. The artisans in this city carved large marble statues of their ancestors which they housed in the temple atop the Funeral Mound. The city was surrounded by a defensive moat and palisade wall. Yet the city’s walls were burned and the marble statues smashed and buried sometime around 1400 AD

The video also features some of Georgia’s most impressive Native American monuments including the mysterious stone wall atop a north Georgia mountain known as Fort Mountain and the unique bird-shaped rock effigy mounds known as Rock Eagle and Rock Hawk. All of the sites featured on the video are open to the public thus this video is both historical documentary and travelogue. Discover the wonders of Georgia Native American Indian archaeology today! Buy now.

“I think you have a good product. This is an area in Georgia studies where there are not too many resources. The quality of the filming and sound was fantastic– the editing was expertly done. I will recommend your video for anyone.”-Lynn Strickland, Georgia Library Media Association, Inc.

“I looked at your video and really enjoyed it. I think teachers would appreciate having this resource. Students often have a misconception of what Native Americans in early Georgia looked like and how they lived. This video gives students and teachers a better understanding of what life may have been like long before the Europeans stepped on the shore of Georgia.”-Dr. Eddie Bennett, Georgia Council for the Social Studies

“This outstanding production…skillfully interweaves computer-generated dioramas and animation representing archaeologists’ reconstructions of ancient ruins, contemporary film footage of the sites, presenters discussing sites with the visiting public, and interviews with experts….While intended for adults, this production is very accessible and could be easily integrated into school programs at the eighth grade level and higher.”-Eugenia Abbey, The Georgia Library Quarterly


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