Portavant Mound @ Emerson Point Park

Emerson Point Park, a 195 acre site at the western end of Snead Island in Manatee County, Florida is a unique combination of cultural (six Native American Indian mounds and middens, and nineteenth century plantation settlement) and natural resources (hardwood hammocks, extensive mangroves, and saltwater marsh areas). This state owned site is managed by Manatee County Government for public use as a passive recreation, conservation, and education park. The park continues to be developed to allow public enjoyment of the property while protecting and enhancing the park’s important natural, historic, and cultural resources

On the island’s north side off 17th Street West near Emerson Point, is a nearly inaccessible monstrous mound with a top of 150 by 80 feet and a unique circular subsidiary mound. The complex has survived most urban intrusion.

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