Miccosukee Indian Village

Just 30 minutes west of the Florida Turnpike, in the heart of the beautiful Florida Everglades, is the Miccosukee Indian Village. It provides valuable insight into the rich culture, lifestyle and history of the Tribe.

Observe Miccosukee Indians as they engage in the art of woodwork, beadwork, patchwork, basket weaving and doll making. View historical artifacts, paintings by a Tribal artist and historical photographs of Tribal members at the Miccosukee Museum.

Be captivated as Tribesmen perform live demonstrations with alligators. Explore the Everglades on airboat rides, which pass through the untamed “River of Grass” and stop at an authentic, hammock-style Indian Camp that has been owned by the same Miccosukee family for over 100 years. Discover the beauty of native plants and view alligators, birds and other species of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Visit the Gift Shop for genuine, handmade Native Indian art and craft, inclusive of Miccosukee patchwork, beadwork and jewelry. Taste authentic, local cuisine such as fry breads and Indian tacos at the Miccosukee Restaurant. The Miccosukee Indian Village is home to the annual Miccosukee Indian Arts Festival and Miccosukee Everglades Music & Crafts Festival.

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