Isabel Anderson Comer Museum

isabel-comer-museumPrior to its incorporation as a town in 1834, Sylacauga was home to Shawnee Indians, who came to this area from Ohio and became part of the Creek Confederacy. Archeological digs have uncovered artifacts of Indian, Spanish and other European origins. Many are on display in the museum including decorative animal effigy pieces and clay pipe fragments.

The whitest marble in the world comes from Sylacau- ga’s quarries. Its beauty can be appreciated on the mu- seum’s facade and several marble sculptures that are on permanent exhibit, such as Ms. Alabama by Italian Sculptor Giuseppe Moretti (above). In addition, the geological history of calcium carbonate (marble) and its chemical composition are explained, including answers tosuchquestionsas: Howwasmarbleformed? Whyis somemarblepink,green,orgray? Whatcausessink holes? How is marble used today?

A replica of the Hodges meteorite, along with writtendocumentationabouttheincident. On November 30, 1954, a meteorite stuck Mrs. Ann HodgesinherSylacaugahome. Itistheonlydocu- mented human ever to be hit by a meteorite.

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Isabel Anderson Comer Museum

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