Crooked River State Park

Crooked River State Park is nestled atop a bluff overlooking the Crooked River. The Park is comprised of 500 acres of Longleaf Pine, Live Oak canopies, Salt Marsh and forests of Pine, Sweet Gum, Southern Bay, Southern Magnolia and Palmetto.

These ecosystems provide habitat for a wide variety of resident and migratory birds such as; Wood Stork, Osprey, Owls, Painted Bunting, Cardinal, Eastern Towhee and Mourning Dove. Additionally, the Park provides habitat for resident White-tailed deer, Ferrel Hog, Gray and Red Fox, and Bobcat. The park also has a number of reptiles and amphibians including the Gopher Tortoise.

Approximately two-thirds of the Park is surrounded by Salt Marsh and the Crooked River.

Gary C. Daniels

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