Brevard Museum of History and Science

Brevard Museum of History and Science features a special exhibit entitled  Florida’s Native American Indians- Past and Present. This special exhibit explores the lives of Florida’s Native American Indian’s –
Past & Present. See replicas of the homes of the native Ais, Seminole and other Indian inhabitants of Florida. A shell mound and native habitat illustrates the daily lives of these early peoples. Photographs and beautifully illustrated text panels tell the story from pre-history through today.

This exhibit includes The Windover Bog Story.THE WINDOVER STORY is an exhibition of Archaic Man. Experience the thrill of walking through a simulated archaeological dig. Windover Pond, site of one of the world’s greatest archaeological finds, is in Brevard County, Florida, near Titusville. Its yield is causing archaeologists to revise some of the long-accepted theories of early man in North America. Discovered in 1984, the shallow pond was the burial ground for more than 200 Native Americans who lived in the area between 7000 – 8000 years ago, more that 2,000 years before the first pyramids were built in Egypt. The ancient pond’s muck long ago turned to peat, preserving the bones, and to the archaeologists’ amazement, the brains of these ancient people.

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