Ancient Civilizations of Georgia

Sapelo Shell Ring Complex1.SapeloShellRings Rock Eagle2.RockEagle ancient stone wall atop Fort Mountain3.FortMountain Kolomoki Mounds4.Kolomoki Ocmulgee Mounds5.Ocmulgee Etowah Mounds6.Etowah

Georgia’s Native Americans constructed impressive structures (referred to as Indian mounds) throughout the state for over 4,000 years. The building of these Ancient Civilizations of Georgia occurred across three

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separate archaeological time periods: the Archaic period, the Woodland period, and the Mississippian period.

The first monumental constructions, the Sapelo Shell Ring complex, were built along the Atlantic coast during the Archaic period. In fact, these structures are older than the pyramids in Egypt! These Native Americans also created some of the earliest pottery ever found in North America.

The next major constructions, Rock Eagle and Rock Hawk, were not built until the Woodland period.Along with these bird effigy mounds, other constructions during this time period  include mysterious stone walls such as Fort Mountain encircling the tops of many north Georgia mountains and

Kolomoki Mounds

the first major site to include truncated pyramid mounds– Kolomoki (in southwest Georgia.) Kolomoki’s inhabitants created the largest city north of Mexico during its time period and also created designs on pottery indicating a detailed knowledge of astronomy!

Ocmulgee MoundsThis building activity reached its height during the Mississippian period when more and larger truncated pyramid mounds, temple mounds, funeral mounds and circular earth lodges were constructed at places such as Ocmulgee and Etowah. This explosion of monumental building occurred after a new religious cult entered the southeast originating possibly in Mexico.

So come along and join us for the epic story of the Ancient Civilizations of Georgia’s Native Americans. Each site features several multimedia elements including a short video, 360 degree interactive panoramas, 3D computer animations, and an image gallery.
You can follow the story in chronological order or jump to the site that interests you most. Since we continually update this exhibit based on the latest research, please bookmark our site now to come back again and again to stay up-to-date on Georgia’s Moundbuilders.


Sapelo Shell Ring Complex Rock Eagle ancient stone wall atop Fort Mountain Kolomoki Mounds Ocmulgee Mounds Etowah Mounds
1.SapeloShellRings 2.RockEagle 3.FortMountain 4.Kolomoki 5.Ocmulgee 6.Etowah


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