Promote Your Event

If you or your organization would like to promote your Native American event such as powwows, Native American festivals, etc., we have several options. If your event is an annual event that takes place in the same location each year, we can add you to our “Public Indian Events” exhibit for the state in which your event takes place. This includes adding your event location to the “Public Indian Events” map and creating an information page which links from the map. The information page will contain information about your event that you provide and should be 200 words or less. A donation of $100 is required to help cover the cost of web design and hosting. If you would like to have a link to your website, please add an additional donation of $50. If you would like us to add a Google Map to your information page which shows the exact location of your event, please add an additional donation of $50. If, after your event is posted, you need to update any information (such as event dates, location, etc.) please send us the new information with an additional donation of $25.

If your event is a special one-time only event (such as museum exhibition, conference, etc) we can help promote your event on our Native American Events blog as well as our newsletter and Facebook page. All we ask is for a one time donation of $100 or more and you provide the ad copy, 200 words or less.

To get started you may contact us with your request.