Cahokia a Melting Pot of Immigrants

Traditional anthropologists have argued, based on no evidence other than their own beliefs, that the giant Native American metropolis of Cahokia was the result of ‘in situ’ development; i.e., local tribes simply became so populous that they merged to form this metropolis. Yet when archaeologists actually do real science and test the bones they find […]

Missouri Indian Burial Mound

Thousands of years ago another civilization inhabited Missouri

On one of many pinnacles along the bluffs lining the Missouri River
southwest of Columbia, atop the steep face of jagged rock plunging to
the landing, there is an inconspicuous 10-foot lump of earth. What
appears to be a natural point in the landscape ˜ insignificant in the
swath of hills and valleys ˜ is a burial mound, formed by human hands
thousands of years ago.

Octagon Earthworks’ alignment with moon likely is no accident

The Octagon Earthworks in Newark is one remnant of the Newark
Earthworks, recently listed by The Dispatch as one of the Seven Wonders
of Ohio. Earlham College professors Ray Hively and Robert Horn demonstrated in 1982 that the walls of this 2,000-yearold circle and octagon were aligned to the points on the horizon, marking the limits of the rising and setting of the moon during an 18.6-year cycle.

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